In recent years, HIAS has expanded its global footprint requiring an increase number of expatriate staff managing oversees programs and remote headquarters staff. HIAS is seeking a consultant with demonstrated experience in helping International NGOs with cross border work forces to help HIAS develop its global solution to its global workforce. The consultant will review how HIAS is handling the overall program including; payroll and tax compliance, double taxation, benefits, home and host country laws and regulations, and other aspects of its remote workforce while aligning with HIAS’ goals and objectives.

Objectives and Deliverables:

Under the supervision of the Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer, Director, International HR, Chief Finance Officer and Controller, the consultant will:

  • Conduct an initial review of current employees who fall under HIAS’ global workforce to include payroll, taxes, benefits, equalization practices, compliance with home and host country laws and regulations compliance
    • Deliverable: develop a report outlining gaps in payroll, taxes, filings, regulatory standings, and processes and procedures with HIAS’ current global workforce and recommendations on how to get HIAS up to compliance
  • Review HIAS global workforce benefits
    • Deliverable: create a HIAS global workforce benefits package that is competitive to industry standards but also aligns with HIAS’ goals and objectives
    • Help identify retirement plans that meet HIAS needs for its global workforce
  • Review HIAS’ global workforce to better understand the different types of employees HIAS employs around the world
    • Deliverable: develop a HIAS policy on different recognized employment type categories that clearly defines employee types and associated benefits packages
  • Develop custom tools to help HR, finance and assignment counties manage their international workforce for future hires and to ensure compliance in the future
    • Deliverable: Global Mobility policy on approach HIAS should take on future global employee hires and appointments on payroll, benefits, taxes, regulatory compliance

Consultant Profile:

  • The consultant should have experience working with International NGOs
  • Experience with reviewing tax policies that fall under bi-lateral agreements or other multi-national agreements
  • Experience with working with organization to ensure that meet various bi-lateral donors requirements
  • Human Resources, tax and payroll background
  • Proven track record in setting up INGOs global mobility programs
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills