Humentum is working to establish knowledge management as a priority business lever for the organization and develop means to legitimize and motivate the seeking and sharing of knowledge. 

Humentum seeks to conduct an organisation-wide knowledge audit that creates a baseline of Humentum knowledge products and flows. The knowledge audit will identify and evaluate all information resources and workflows and determine the user access requirements.  

The knowledge management audit exercise will be led by the Senior Manager, Knowledge Management (KM) and the Director, Community Strategy. 

To support this first-time assignment for the organisation, Humentum seeks a consultant to provide coaching services to the Senior Manager, Knowledge Management through the knowledge management audit exercise and planning the knowledge management strategy. 

The consultant will provide support, guidance, and advice to the Senior Manager, KM to enable learning through doing and enhance skills to develop professionally while conducting the KM audit exercise in the organisation and advise how to develop a KM strategy.  

Scope of work 

  • The consultant will provide technical expertise and act as a sounding board to provide critical thinking in the following broad areas:

Knowledge Management Audit 

  • The consultant will guide the Senior Manager, KM in all phases of the KM audit exercise to ensure all business criteria are considered. This includes planning, data collection, data analysis, data evaluation, communication, and recommendation. 

  • The consultant will advise the depth and breadth of the audit exercise (as a first-time assignment) in accordance with the needs of Humentum. 

  • Together with the Senior Manager, KM and Director, Community Strategy, the consultant will review the KM audit questionnaire for relevance and accuracy of questions and expected responses. 

  • The consultant will advise on the crucial functions and departments to be audited and the modalities of engagement. 

  • The consultant will review a proposed cost-effective approach to knowledge management audit.  

Knowledge Management Development Plan 

  • Provide tips to promote and sustain effective knowledge sharing in the organisation. 

  • The consultant will provide coaching advice on how to implement KM program in Humentum. 

  • Review the proposed development plan in line with Humentum’s KM objectives.

  • Propose a risk management plan.

  • Collaboration with Senior Manager, KM and Director, Community Strategy during the working sessions will aim to review and road map a guide for implementing a successful knowledge management program.  

  • Review existing KM initiatives, resources, and plans in Humentum and advise possible and sustainable KM implementation plan. 

Knowledge Management Strategy 

  • Outline what the KM strategy should cover, including a change management strategy.

  • Advise needed resources and investment to prepare Humentum for KM implementation areas including KM audit and KM strategy. 



  • An average of 3 hours support each week for 4 months with Senior Manager KM and Director Community Strategy. Support may include document review, coaching meeting, or group working sessions.  
  • Coaching and support on understanding Knowledge Management in an organisational setting.  

  • A monthly progress report with a final report at the end of the consultancy on areas of continuous improvements. 

  • Share resources, examples, and experiences that provide additional support to skills and capabilities Humentum will require in implementing KM program in the organisation. 



The consultancy shall be executed within a maximum of 5 months, commencing after signing the contract. The Proposal should include a detailed schedule. 


Consultancy experience and expert qualifications 

The consultant should possess the following qualifications and experience: 

  • Proven experience in implementing Knowledge Management in organisations and understanding knowledge management theory, practice, and tools. 

  • Extensive experience in determining appropriate knowledge management processes, products and ICT enabled platforms.

  • Experience in conducting knowledge management audit exercises in organisations. 

  • Experience providing KM and adaptive learning technical support across multiple implementation levels (executive, team leads, department, organization). 

  • Experience supporting KM and available systems to improve access to, use, and re-use of knowledge assets. 

  • Creating effective knowledge sharing spaces. 

  • Demonstrated experience tracking progress against KM indicators.

  • Experience working in the development and humanitarian sector a plus.


Apply by sending your proposals as an expression of interest to including expected cost estimate to us by September 20th, 2022.