Business Development And Fundraising Full Time Jobs

Communications Specialist

FLA seeks a Communications Specialist to develop FLA publications; draft original content; provide editorial support to staff across the organization; collaborate on strategies to promote FLA’s research, policy, and program activities; and support FLA’s media relations efforts. This position reports to the Senior Director, Communications. This is a remote position, based in any location in the U.S., where FLA is registered. FLA currently has staff in the following states: CA, DC, FL, MD…

Technical Advisor – International Business & Economic Development

An experienced initiator in international development with an entrepreneurial mindset that merges community empowerment with business principles, to create and empower the self-sustainability of social missions around the world. It’s full spectrum small business development for social purpose, starting with teaching discovery methodology, coaching and incubating new concepts, and then investing in the home-grown talent at successive levels ($5k-$500k) to secure sustainable social impact.

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